1984 Chevrolet El Camino

After meeting this customer at a national car show and discussing some of our work he decided that we were the only choice for resurrecting his 1984 El Camino. The paint was well worn and there were some rust issues to be addressed. Having planned ahead though, the owner had already collected all new GM trim for the car as well as a number of other parts that would ultimately set his fresh paint and interior apart from the rest of the crowd. After stripping the car to bare metal we located rust free doors and a tailgate to replace the far too gone originals. The body was then filled and sanded to perfection in preparation for the new metallic blue base coat. Some bright white hood stripes were added for some extra pop and a black bedliner was sprayed in to protect the rear compartment. The interior also went through a full transformation and color change. A dash cover was installed, new seat covers, carpeting, door panels, custom stereo, tilt steering column, and more were added to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

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